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Welcome to Blinking Light Solutions. If you are in need of a media or state-of-the-art electronics solution then your at the right location.

Our business is to offer new concepts in MULTI-MEDIA RECORDING of those special events, which you may want, digitally saved for the future or presentations. We utilize over 10 years experience plus high quality equipment to capture, edit, and reproduce the final production. Additionally we are able to distribute the final versions in all media formats compatible to any type-working player.

We also offer PRESENTATIONS referenced on Science and Electrical basis. The presentations are given in a similar manner as the famous program Mr. Wizard or The Science Guy. The focus of the presentation is to eliminate the “perceived mystery of science” and present the Electrical world as fascinating as it really is…We have given presentations to Boy Scouts, Colleges students, High Schools, Science fairs, and at the Science Place in Fair Park.

Finally we offer ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS BASED CONSULTING.  My team and I are all confessed GEEKS and Electrophobes. In fact I’m known as Dr. Gadjit. I enjoy keeping up with and utilizing the latest and greatest electronic gadjit to make life easer. It’s my wife that makes sure the gadjit remain applicable and easy to use. For example, our home is automated, fully. We can program it, remote control it, and all done inexpensively is steps. Very easy to accomplish, just contact us.


GOD'S Gift at Work!


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